Words, sounds and images are our resources and the tools of our trade, the basic elements of an excellent communication strategy, the ingredients that define and expand your identity and your business.







How we do it?

We support you with specific PR and media relations activities, social media management, copywriting, music marketing and event organisation.


Careful / Tailored Tasty

PR & Media Relations


We help our clients to tell their story, to stand out and be recognised, by researching the best communication strategy. And we do it in the ideal words, adapting the message to the type of media we want to target. Whether it’s a press release or a press kit, organising an interview or managing a press conference, we prioritise quality and originality of content, while never losing sight of every client’s uniqueness.

Social Media Marketing


Listening, creating and measuring. Three actions at the base of every communication strategy, which, on the web, are even more important. 
Indeed, a good digital strategy possesses a magnetism which is unparalleled. 
That’s why we like to help our clients optimise their presence on social and digital platforms with original and rigorously-planned content, community management and ongoing monitoring of the brand’s online reputation.



For us, “words are important” as Nanni Moretti says in Palombella Rossa. 
We like to write, and we adapt the style and rhythm of the message to the medium and the target audience to be reached.
Whether you need a name for a brand or a new product, a tagline, a text optimised for the company website, blog or social media, we are the pen that can do it!


Original / Catchy / Emotional

Hoodooh Sound Boutique

Sound is an essential element that can influence mood and convey emotion. We use music and sounds to connect brands to people. Our work ranges from the creation of sounds which identify your brand to the composition of soundtracks and advertising jingles for the web, radio ads and TV commercials, from the manipulation of sounds to create unique effects to musical advice for exhibition spaces and events.

Sound Branding



We believe that every brand has a sound in its DNA, and our task is to bring it out and use it to create an experience, an indelible and tangible memory.
Think about classic ads for brands such as Plasmon, Giochi Preziosi, Clementoni, Intel and many others. You may not remember the images, but a snatch of melody has surely stayed with you…

Original Music & Jingles



We compose original music and theme tunes, played by us and by professional musicians brought in specially. We treat sounds as sensations and images, capable of becoming a focal point in brand recognition.
Short, simple and catchy, jingles have the ability to stick in your head for a long time, reminding you of the product they mention or the ad you’ve just seen: that brand with the tune that goes “da-da di, da-da di, what was it again? Oh yes, I remember!

Sound Design



The actors are on the set, the audience is hanging on their every word, a child starts to cry. There are no children in the theatre and panic breaks out. Don’t worry, it’s not a ghost story. The crying is coming from a gramophone backstage. 
This happened for the first time in London in 1890.
Hyperrealistic or imaginary, with sound design we can reproduce and create bespoke sounds, giving audiences a tangible and moving experience.
We are the noise-makers who can make your noise!

Music Marketing & Consultancy


We create marketing strategies to publicise brands and their values by means of a song, the allure of a singer, the appeal of a band, the emotion of a concert.
Are you looking for a track by a band that has caught your attention? A particular playlist for your sales outlet? A live band for your event? We will guide you in your choice and handle all the technical and creative aspects.


Ambitious / Dreamy / Real

Brand Image


We can be the vehicle, the flow of imagination that brings your visions in sight of everyone. Through Hoodooh you can access a network of graphic designers, illustrators, web designers, photographers and video-makers with whom we work on a daily basis.

Corporate Events


An event is the perfect framework within which words, sounds, images and people interact, acquire a unique communicative power and become almost tangible, their concrete nature within reach.
We design and curate every aspect of the organisation and promotion of corporate events. We can draw on a network of artists and professionals with whom we have established over time a solid synergy which ensures that every event is unique, innovative and highly visible.

Cultural Events


As artists and consumers of culture, we love to mix up the strands of our work with the artistic skills and passions we have cultivated and grown over the years.
We believe that this kind of event contributes to enriching our region and the communities we belong to, as well as the institutions and foundations which host the events.