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superleggero is an accessories brand that draws inspiration from the cycling and outdoor world, conceived and designed by Antonello Tabarelli de Fatis.
The superleggero collection is made up of beanies, snoods (the term snood was actually introduced to the cycling world by none other than Antonello Tabarelli de Fatis), scarves, foulards and shopping totes.

superleggero finds its roots in Made in Italy tradition, in the artisan craftsmanship of extremely high quality fabrics, including Merino wool, cashmere and silk, as well as in the intriguing stories imbued with the epic quality of great cycling challenges. superleggero transports them to a world where design, efficiency and innovation lie at the centre of product development.



For superleggero we take care of press office, online pr and media relations worldwide, working along stylists, fashion editors, bloggers and influencers.

This is the first press campaign for the brand. We set the target in order to put superleggero on the map of the most influent fashion media, with a top level positioning in sectors like luxury, fashion and racing.




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