About us

Our passions, our taste,
what we like, give us the freedom
to do anything


We’re young, but we’ve got a lot to say!

Hoodooh is a communications agency that works to tell the world about the stories, ideas and products of businesses and brands, with professionalism, originality and a classic touch of craftsmanship.


The agency was founded in 2013 as a joint project by three friends who decided to pool their passion, knowledge and experience in the fields of communication, music and event management.

“Our aim is to develop across-the-board ideas and provide innovative and complementary services which give us satisfaction and leave our clients open-mouthed.
To do this we trust in our tastes and our moral sensibilities, and in each job we seek the part of ourselves that allows us to embrace every new project as a challenge, a cause to be upheld, a phrase to be shouted at the top of our voices, a banner to fly in the wind”


we do

We come up with communication strategies and take care of their executive development throughout every phase of the project, adapting them to your characteristics, your target audience, your DNA.


Communication is synonymous with sharing,
and from this come creativity and ingenuity

We believe strongly in networking as we love putting our knowledge together with that of other professionals in communications and other spheres. We collaborate actively with web designers, graphic artists, photographers, video-makers, SEO experts, app developers and artists.

“And so we live in a unique place, where dreams become projects, a concrete experience for us and for our clients which allows us to grow as professionals and as people”.